Institute of Practical Science


There are too many reson to choose Institute of Practical Science


Feature of Institute

  • ✔ Provides "minimum 90% marks OTHERWISE money-Back "
  • ✔ Teaching With " Full PRACTICALs"
  • ✔ Explanation With "Practical Activities & ANIMATIONS"
  • ✔ Provides very good & Optimized, Printed "NOTES & ASSIGNMENT'S"
  • ✔ Regularly "TEST'S & Problem solving session"
  • ✔ Teaching plus level than class syllabus.


INSTITUTE OF PRACTICAL SCIENCE (IPS): Provides "minimum 90% marks Otherwise Get money-Back " . (ips) gives 9th, 10th Science, math and 11th 12th Physics Maths classes With Full Practicals. we do intense care of our students for study that's why our students get minimum 90% of marks. we have maximum 25 students Bach so that we can concentrate on each students individually. we provide very discipline classes with 3 or more times revision and rectify knowledge of students with the help of chapterwise multiple TESTS. we also use modern tools like practicals and animation to enhance the knowledge of students. our fees for "90% guarantee" Bach is also less as compared to other institutes. that's why we best in our service.

The aim of “IPS” is to guide each and every students of Our Institute with Excellency level. Our philosophy of practical teaching helps students to understand each topics deeply. The each class hasn't more than 20 students hence every students got enough attention of teacher and therefore student's problems solved individually and whole syllabus will complete without doubt in time. We also revise the whole syllabus after completed the syllabus that’s why student do not forget the topics. Our charges is very reasonable as compared to other institutes.

Interactive classes: We work tiredlessly to create a nurturing, challenging and interactive classroom environment for our students. Questions are asked frequently in the class to make sure that students remain focused. Students are motivated to predict what comes next. There is a relentless effort to instill a hunger to learn more by presenting the subject matter with varied and lively approaches.

Small batch size: We teach in optimal group size of 20 to 25 students. This enables the required individual attention and same time generates the healthy competitive environment among students.

Doubt remedial classes: More than 65% of students have doubts about the discussed topics either after class or during solving the worksheets. We will be more than happy to solve individual doubts because doubts are the indicator of the student’s own efforts. A student will have doubts only if he is studying at home. So we encourage students to ask doubts and do provide them regular doubt remedial sessions to get the maximum output.

Testing Mechanism: We have a very strong testing mechanism. We conduct chapter-wise, phase-wise and mock test papers (as per CBSE pattern) to make sure that students stay on their toes and keep up with the studies during the whole year. It also works as early pointers and make sure that we don’t get any unexpected results from the finals.

Regular Assignments and Practice Problems: A steady flow of well-thought home assignments is must to make sure that students devote enough time for their self studies. We at Institute of practical science have developed our tests/assignments after an extensive research. These assignments cover numerous problems of different flavors and different grades, ranging from board level, HOTS to brain teasers.

Syllabus Coverage as per CBSE guidelines: The lecture plans for the year are developed well in advance, taking care of all holidays. We also make sure to move the syllabus as per CBSE guidelines so that the students are ahead in their schools in terms of syllabus; can secure good marks in the UTs etc. The school lectures will be just revision for them.

institute of practical science