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About Us

"Institute of Practical Science" focus on practically not only theoretically.

Who we are

Each and every theory of science was made by the experiments and practical approach by the scientists, hence that things inspired us for teaching the whole science with experiments and practical approach so that each students can understand SCIENCE easily. The practical approach of teaching is also attract the students for study the science.

We also inspired By the development of technology in our day to day life. Hence decided to use these technology for teaching with practically to improve perception of students in each topics.

Our Service Guarantee :

Get "minimum 90% marks with money-Back Guarantee" from Institute of practical science. (ips) gives 9th, 10th Science, math and 11th 12th Physics classes. we do intense care of our students for study that's why our students get minimum 90% of marks. we have only 20 students Bach so that we can concentrate on each students individually. we provide very discipline classes with 3 or more times revision and rectify knowledge of students with the help of chapterwise multiple TESTS. we also use modern tools like practicals and animation to enhance the knowledge of students. our fees for "90% guarantee" Bach is also less as compared to other institutes. that's why we best in our service


institute of practical science

Basic Philosophy of institute of practical science ( IPS )

The motto underlying institute of practical science (ips) : science is simple , friendly and enjoyable if presented practically and experimentally . We the team of institute of practical science ( IPS ) , follow the principle of “ Honesty is the best policy ”, so far as learning and teaching are concerned.

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